The health and well-being of our guests have always been a priority for The Vines Resort & Spa, even more so in the global context in which we find ourselves.


“2020 has been a challenging year for all of us, as the pandemic has largely taken over the world. Fortunately, the sun keeps shining and the grapes keep growing. In fact, the 2020 harvest in Mendoza and most of the world has been extraordinary. In a few years, we will enjoy these wines and will remember this 2020 as a moment that united us in spirit and consolidated our bonds. We look forward to meet again as soon as you can travel. Stay safe.”




We are safely located within 1500 acres of vineyards, with wide outdoor spaces to enjoy dinner at our Siete Fuegos restaurant and in our large villas with private decks. We have also developed a safety and hygiene protocol for The Vines Resort & Spa, which follows the guidelines of Leading Hotels of the World.

The Vines Resort & Spa offers a wide variety of outdoor activities in contact with nature, large villas with private decks, and outdoor dining. Space is safety.



We have implemented the highest standards of cleaning and sanitation procedures in order to ensure the safety of our guests, staff, and suppliers. The guidelines established by Leading Hotels of the World for its member hotels have been used as the basis for the formulation of The Vines Resort & Spa’s sanitary protocol, as well as the regulations of local and national authorities, such as WHO (World Health Organization), UNWTO (World Tourism Organization), AHT (Association of Tourism Hotels of the Argentine Republic), and Mintur (Ministry of Tourism and Sports of Argentine).



The wide and bright spaces of our resort make it easy for permanent air renewal while offering comfortable circulation of guests and clients. All visitors who enter the property must comply with health and disinfection control requirements in a booth designated for this purpose.

  • Temperature control for guests and clients.
  • Use of masks by guests, clients, and staff.
  • Increased frequency of cleaning and disinfection in high-contact areas.
  • Provision of hand sanitizer stations at different places, and signaling.
  • Control of the resort’s air quality through deep cleaning of the air conditioning systems and filter change.



We will comply with the rules of social distancing for both guests and our staff.

  • Limited capacity for common areas and spaces for activities.
  • Rules of movement and transit of employees throughout the resort.
  • Our guests and the employees of all departments must keep a distance of at least 2 meters from each other.



We have hired a team specialized in Hygiene and Safety for our resort, which is dedicated to permanent monitoring the compliance with regulations and guides in all cases for the resolution of any situation that may exist, including medical guidance and consultation with COVID-19 safety protocols.

  • Permanent and rigorous training and awareness program on new procedures, correct use of cleaning materials and tools, and disinfection.
  • Training program on How to respond to exposure to COVID-19.
  • Advanced facility disinfection and sanitation training in case there are COVID-19-positive guests and staff.
  • Daily health exams, including temperature checks.
  • Personal protection equipment (PPE) must be used at all times by all members of the resort.
  • Frequent cleaning of the common transit areas of team members.
  • Development of specific protocols for kitchen cleaning and the safe handling of products.
  • Thorough sanitation guidelines for cleaning uniforms.



Security protocols are applied in the transportation service offered by the resort.

  • Sanitation and disinfection of vehicles before providing any service.
  • All in-vehicle amenities will be removed, such as magazines, drinks, and other non-essential items, unless they are individually packaged for single use.
  • During the entire transfer route, the driver will use gloves and a mask.
  • Guests must be seated in the rear compartment and never in the driver’s compartment.
  • A safe distance of at least one meter from passengers shall be applied.
  • The driver must notify the resort if, during the route, any user has symptoms associated with the COVID-19.
  • The vehicle must be cleaned and disinfected immediately after each use, including all driver, passenger, luggage, and trunk compartments and all their components, allowing for adequate drying time and air exchange.



The main goal is to streamline check-in and minimize physical contact as much as possible.

  • The luggage will go through a disinfection process and then it will be delivered to the room by our bellboys.
  • The guests must be notified of the resort’s operating guidelines and must complete a DDJJ with information about their health status or symptoms, if any.
  • The staff will disinfect the room keys with UV-C technology before handing them over to the guests.
  • The staff will make permanent use of masks and will respect the recommended distance to guarantee separation between guests and other employees, whenever possible.



Members of our Housekeeping team will implement strict room cleaning protocols prior to the arrival of all guests. Also, all magazines, books, and any other expendable accessories will be removed.

  • Compliance with rigorous cleaning and hygiene procedures.
  • We will use UV-C technology, as well as specialized products from our partner Ecolab for disinfection and sterilization of the villas.
  • Deep and systematic ventilation and disinfection.
  • The resort’s staff will not enter to perform tasks while the guests are in their villas.
  • When asking for help with their luggage for check-out, the guests must leave them outside the villas, so that a bellboy can collect and deposit them directly in the vehicle that will transport them to the airport.



Food and beverages offered at the resort will meet our validation guidelines. Likewise, suppliers of goods and products must respect strict cleaning and delivery protocols.

  • Reinforcement of the cleaning and disinfection routines for the areas of greatest contact and the furniture.
  • Provision of individual hand sanitizer per table.
  • The tables must keep a minimum distance of 2 (two) meters from each other and they will be available for groups of up to 6 (six) people.
  • The tables must be arranged in such a way that the distance between the backrest from a table’s chair to the backrest of another table’s chair is greater than 1.5 meters (one and a half).
  • The breakfast buffet service will be organized in different time slots. The handling of food, tongs, or spoons by guests in the breakfast buffet service shall be avoided. The service personnel will assist them by using protective elements and serving each of the guests.
  • Previous reservation for lunch and dinner services.
  • Removal of physical menus, which will be replaced by digital solutions.



We are paying attention to any new resolution to align ourselves in that regard. The criteria of frequency and cleaning reinforcement will follow the entire resort’s protocol.

  • Thorough disinfection of treatment rooms between each shift.
  • Strict health protocol for our therapists.
  • Limited guest capacity within the gym to comply with the social distancing policy.
  • Cleaning of our GYM every 30 minutes and provision of machines/equipment sanitizing kit to guests.
  • Mandatory distancing and limited capacity in relaxation areas and solarium. The social distancing of 2 (two) meters must be respected between groups of people who do not travel together.
  • Pool loungers and chairs will be disinfected after each use, as will guest contact surfaces.